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A tropical escape

Immerse yourself in turquoise waters and make the sea turtles and dolphins your neighbours. Enter an enchanting tropical world, with tiny islands covered with lush hillsides hiding mystical waterfalls beneath forest canopies. Tahiti is a cluster of small islands, some uninhabited, some privately owned. With amazing surf breaks, pearl farms, an underwater world teeming with life and much more, you'll never be short of new adventures in Tahiti.

Day 1


Set sail across the Passe Toahotu straight, a translucent coral lagoon to "Vanilla Island". Taha’a is a tiny flower-shaped island and home to the highly prized Tahitian vanilla orchid. Explore the island and it's intoxicating scent of vanilla before enjoying a serene dinner onboard your yacht with a mystical sunset view.

Day 2


Escape into the open sea as you leave the Taha’a lagoon for your first full day of sailing. Ask your skipper to show you the ropes in a sailing lesson. You’ll anchor at the island of Huahine – nicknamed the “Garden of Eden” and explore its its immense jungle and tropical plantations.


Day 3


Cruise to Avea Bay, then sail to Huahine Lagoon, with its deep clear waters and gleaming white sand. The anchorage in this bay is very well-protected, so you should get a serious night’s sleep! Come morning, you’ll explore the island on bikes or scooters and then have time torelax and swim – and of course see the eel feeding lake at Maroe Bay. Mooring and dinner in Avea Bay (Chez Tara).

Day 4


Taha’a is also a great place to explore underwater. We recommend snorkelling in Le Jardin du Coral. Here, you can check out the plantations that produce 70-80% of all the vanilla used in French Polynesia. Long sail and then snorkeling excursion of Le Jardin du Corail (snorkelling path led by EventManager) and swim stops. Make sure you check out the local spots we recommend for dinner.


Day 5


Anchor at Motu Toopua on Bora Bora and enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Take a mooring at the Bloody Mary’s restaurant – see if you can spot any celebrities.


Day 6


So good they named it twice. Sail to the east side of the lagoon, where you can swim with turtles, rays, sharks and fish. In the afternoon, sail the southern shore of the island and explore the magnificent coral reef. Excursions – snorkelling with sharks and manta rays, watersports and island tours – are all available too..

Day 7


Back to Raiatea. On the way, we’ll stop at Fa'aroa and explore the beautiful river by Kayak, before returning and reflecting on what will have been an incredible week. Raft night – dinner with wine before a final day spent walking, hiking and exploring lush botanical gardens.

Tahiti FAQ

This is possible but due to the unavailability of ferries and transport between the islands in Tahiti, we don’t recommend it unless 100% necessary. Get in touch with our Customer Service team if you need more information.

This route starts and ends in Marina Uturoa which is located on the island of Raiatea which is a short 45 minute flight from the mainland International Airport in Tahiti (Papeete).

You’ll make stops on the islands of Huahine, Bora-Bora and Taha'a. For more information about the route, head to our destination page here.

The itinerary is a guide to our top spots along the way. However if you’d rather head off and explore yourselves, then you are more than welcome to. Chat to your skipper to see what your possibilities are! (Note that for cabin/solo bookers you will need to stick to the route unless the full crew consents to an alternative itinerary).

What you do during the day is totally up to you, the crew and your skipper. Each day will vary, depending on the itinerary. You normally spend your day on the yacht sailing from one port to another with a stop in a bay to cook lunch and have a swim. You will have time to explore each island too and try the cuisine at the local restaurants.