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Sicilian Yoga Retreat

Gentle, invigorating, precious. Sicily is as seductive as it is scenic. This one-of-a-kind expedition is a journey of discovery… in every sense of the word. With the inspiring, zen-power-couple Adam & Holly Husler as your hosts, you’ll sail the volcanic islands and ancient ports of the Mediterranean, all the while learning from two experts in their respective fields; yoga and sound healing. On sparkling waters you’ll sink into your most relaxed self with Adam’s Alignment-Based Vinyasa to prime the body, and the powerful healing sounds of Holly’s crystal singing bowls to soothe your mind. This is the start of a new journey. One that just might last a lifetime!

Day 1

Portorosa Marina

Meet your Skipper and Chef on the main island of Sicily – in the northern town of Portorosa. The port itself is a 2.5-hour drive from the airport and is the perfect starting point to sail the Aeolian Islands. You’ll want to leave plenty of time to reach your sailboat and get settled in because before you know it you’ll find yourself in your first group yoga session! All from a peaceful vantage point overlooking the marina. Work up an appetite, freshen up and enjoy your first Italian dinner in Sicily! 

Day 2


After a quick run-through of the boat with your Skipper, you’ll venture out into the Tyrrhenian Sea, stopping at a live volcanic island – it’s be rude not to. Rugged and barren, you’ll notice the faint scent of sulphur seeping from the crater here – don’t worry though, you’ll get used to it quickly! Limber up and prepare for an active day packed with adventure. Hike the crater for truly special views of the other six islands, or hire bikes, quads or even kayaks to explore the island whichever way suits you. There’s a real treat up next; a cleansing, therapeutic mud bath in the island’s hot springs. And of course, how better to round off a day of excitement with a sunset yoga session on the notorious Black Sand Beach.


Day 3


Feel the wind in your sails – as well as the boats’ – with the raw romance of Salina. En route, we’ll stop in a bay for an enriching pre-breakfast yoga session before exploring Salina’s pebbly beaches, gorgeous green hillsides covered in wild capers and cosy seaside villages. A peaceful slice of paradise, Salina was one of the first islands in the Aeolian to be crowned with its national park status. Stroll along the village's beachside walkways, stop for a lazy coffee, hike down stone steps to an old abandoned cliffside village on the beach, or rent a scooter and explore the rugged landscape.

Day 4


Today might be the pinnacle of this incredible journey. Just seeing Stromboli’s 300-foot volcano smoking at sea is an awe-inspiring spectacle. Now, imagine peering over the crater to see lava spit and bubble right before your eyes. This is a day for true exploration. Check out the island's charming seaside village and delight in the cool shadows of whitewashed buildings and the peace of little, traffic-less roads. For enjoyment that’ll erupt within you – just like Stromboli – pair it all with a sumptuous slice of Italian pizza! Perfetto!


You’ll spend the afternoon sailing and exploring wild bays while your chef prepares lunch. For the hikers and thrill-seekers among you, this is your chance of a lifetime – the chance to gaze into an active crater that pops and crackles with molten lava. It’s a five-hour hike up Stromboli that starts right before sunset – you’ll want to reach the craters under the cover of dark to see the lava better. You’ll hear the eruptions and even feel them beneath your feet as you tackle thick vegetation that suddenly becomes barren volcanic landscape. And there also just happens to be one of the world’s most gorgeous sunsets here, visible over the gaping rich blue sea. The fiery cherry on top of Stromboli, is the incredible selection of world-beating cuisine. It’s a foodies' paradise here, with spectacular meals served in a truly special atmosphere.


Day 5


Rise and shine early with a recovery yoga session to ease those stiff muscles from yesterday’s hike. Limber up, because next stop is Panarea – the smallest and trendiest island of the Aeolian Islands. A popular haunt for young Italian socialites and celebrities, Panarea is renowned for its stunning restaurants, whitewashed Sicilian villas and rooftop views of the Stromboli Volcano. Been there, done that, right?! Spend the day exploring little boutiques in the narrow lanes of the gorgeous waterfront of San Pietro. Your sunset yoga session with Adam this evening overlooks the volcano, naturally. And you’ll finish the day with an aperitivo by the harbour, followed by dinner on a restaurant terrace.

Day 6


Today we’ll set sail for our morning yoga session on the famous white Havana Beach. Its ruins make for a stunning backdrop to the azure waters. And after so many days spent in rural land, Lipari’s small but busy port will feel like a city! This idyllic island is the capital of the Aeolian Islands, complete with beautiful pastel-coloured harbours lined with cafés, restaurants and shops. Wind down narrow streets, passed elegant townhouses and through simple dwellings with flowers that pour from balconies. Then, walk up the long flight of stairs to the citadel – a historic fortified section of Lipari. The excellent Aeolian Museum exhibits remains from the Bronze, Greek and Roman ages, and comes highly recommended. Venture beyond the town too and explore windswept landscapes of rocky cliffs and white sand beaches.

Day 7


Flaunt your new sailing skills and feel the force of nature at your fingertips as we make our way back to Portorosa. Stop for a swim and brunch prepared by your chef before, at very long last, you’ll finally disembark. There may be tears, but we guarantee they’ll be tinged with joy! Now’s the time to start planning that next trip at sea!