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Fifteen years ago, our passion was ignited out at sea.

Inspired by the transformative powers of the ocean's open waters and empty horizons, a handful of daydreamers founded The Yacht Week.

But we didn't stop dreaming. Now, with Yachts & Friends we're set on sparking your imagination and awakening your deepest desires.

These are sailing expeditions curated with one aim - to ignite your passion at sea.


Choose from a banquet of boutique expeditions - from photography masterclasses to culinary excursions, cultural trips to floating meditation retreats.

You'll have it all - a stunning yacht manned by a seasoned skipper and your very own private chef below deck.

Our expeditions are curated for small groups, couples and solo travellers.

They're chartered in the world's most wondrous waters so that together we can see the unnameable, imagine the invisible and ignite our passions at sea, once again.