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Sail the Aegean Sea and discover the hidden gems and treasures of the Greek Islands. The Cyclades are an archipelago, meaning 'encircling islands' as they form a circular shape around the sacred temple on Delos, believed to be the birthplace of the gods Artemis and Apollo. Learn to sail as you travel from one tiny island to the next, stopping to swim in bays surrounded by rugged landscape.

Day 1


Once you’ve landed in Athens, you’ll take a taxi to the Lavrion marina, which is just 30 minutes drive away. On arrival, you'll board your new floating home for the week and meet your skipper and chef. Once your whole crew has arrived and the yacht is ready for departure, you’ll head over to the majestic Cape Sounion, once known as the 'Sacred Cape', where you’ll drop anchor for the night. Get to know your crewmates over fresh fish and ouzo at the traditional Greek taverna on the beach or with a meal prepared onboard by your chef, as you watch the sunset cast orange and red light across the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon.

Day 2


Spend the morning learning to sail as you make your way to the magical island of Kythnos. Explore its wild natural landscape, traditional charm, and ancient ruins dating back as far as the 5th Century BC. See how many of the island's 99 stunning beaches you can visit in a day and work up an appetite where we recommend you head over to one of the town's beach tavernas to sink your toes into the sand as you sip on local wines and devour gourmet seafood.

Day 3


Refuel on a luxurious brunch prepared onboard by your chef as you head towards one of the smallest islands in the Cyclades. Syros was said to be the birthplace of the God Hermes, which is why the main town Ermoupoli is also called Hermoupolis (Hermes + Polis meaning ‘city’ in Greek). This rural island’s life is centred around this magical town, with colourful buildings rising up into the hills. Stroll along the waterfront or head for the beaches on the west coast. Hermoupolis boasts some of the top restaurants in the Cyclades and showcases the best of everyday Greek life.

Day 4


Paros is the true star of the Cyclades. Considered by many Greeks as their favourite island in the entire country (that’s a big statement considering Greece has 227 inhabited islands), this paradise has something for everyone. Wild landscapes, incredible beaches, beautiful vineyards, picturesque villages lined with tiny streets, mouth-watering cuisine, fun nightlife, and some of the best water sports locations in Greece. Rent ATVs and cruise around the island, stopping by beaches like Kolymbithres, famous for its spectacular granite rock formations. Stroll around the bustling port village of Naoussa with charming cobblestone pedestrian streets adorned with colourful bougainvillaeas. Join us at sunset for one of our signature YandF events, delve into an evening of fresh cuisine and local wines with your newly found friends. Surrounded by fishing boats in the main square of Naoussa, you will truly feel like a Greek.


Day 5


Enjoy a long day of sailing as you make your way across the Aegean sea towards Serifos. This island has a raw, rugged beauty, with steep mountains plunging into turquoise bays. The town of Chora sits atop of the hill, surrounding an Orthodox church. Join us for an incredible hike up to the town’s main piazza where you can explore this unique village or sit and enjoy a Greek coffee. Make sure to save some energy for the evening when Chora comes to life with locals and traditional Greek music.

Day 6


One of the most special perks of travelling by sailboat is the surreal and peaceful experience of waking up in a quiet cove on anchor. Spend the day fully immersed in nature at this secluded bay. Play in the water or hike the scenic landscape. Watch the sunset as your chef serves you a Mediterranean feast onboard. And wake up to the serene sound of waves gently crashing on the shore.

Day 7


Our final island on this incredible journey is the hidden gem of Kea. Prepare yourself for wild rocky beaches, a rare oak forest and a mysterious smiling lion carved into a grey rock around 600 BC – it’s the size of a whale. Spend the morning exploring the island on foot through the extensive network of well-kept scenic stone-paved paths. Then escape the heat of the hot afternoon sun, with a unique cultural experience on us – a traditional Greek cooking class and meal paired with local wines. An easy 1-hour sail the next morning will get you safely back to your base marina, Lavrio, by 9am.


Greece FAQ

Yes, however you will need to organise transport at your own expense to meet the yachts when you arrive or find your way back to the mainland when you need to leave. 

This route starts and ends in Lavrion Marina which is located near the Athens airport (approximately 30 minutes drive).

You’ll make stops at the islands of Kythnos, Syros, Paros, Serifos and Kea. For more information about the route, head to our destination page here.

The itinerary is a guide to our top spots along the way. However if you’d rather head off and explore yourselves, then you are more than welcome to. Chat to your skipper to see what your possibilities are! (Note that for cabin/solo bookers you will need to stick to the route unless the full crew consents to an alternative itinerary).

What you do during the day is totally up to you, the crew and your skipper. Each day will vary, depending on the itinerary. You normally spend your day on the yacht sailing from one port to another with a stop in a bay to cook lunch and have a swim. You will have time to explore each island too and try the cuisine at the local restaurants.