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Payment for bookings should be made by credit card over three instalments. You must log into your booking and complete the next instalment before the due dates listed on your booking. (Note that payments will not be taken automatically).

Bookings will be paid in 3 instalments as below. Please note, if booking within 90 days of departure, instalment dates may vary. Please check your booking for exact dates.

  • A deposit of 20% is due upon booking to confirm your reservation.
  • The second payment is a further 30% and is due 60 days after booking (or 90 days pre-event, whichever comes first).
  • The final 50% is due 60 days prior to departure.

You can check your booking for the exact dates when your payments are due. If preferred, you may also settle the total in one payment. Failure to complete your payments on time may result in your booking being cancelled with no refunds.


We understand that sometimes plans change, and you might need to cancel your reservation with us.

  • If you need to cancel within 60 days of making your booking there will be no cancellation fees, so we can offer you a full refund on any amount paid to the booking so far. (This free cancellation period will only apply for 60 days post-booking or up until 180 days pre-event, whichever comes first - for example bookings made less than 180 days before the event will not have any free cancellation period)
  • If you need to cancel after 60 days from the date of booking (or 90 days pre-event, whichever comes first), then you will be subject to cancellation fees of 50% of your booking total.
  • Cancellation within 60 days of departure will result in cancellation fees of 100% of the booking total.

Please note, any refunds are subject to a 5% administration fee.

If you’d like to change your booking to a new destination or change the details of your booking then you may be subject to administration fees for these changes. Please contact our Customer Service team at for further details.


We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Some people experience problems making payments with their credit cards, since the size of the payment is above average for most online payments. Some credit cards and banks flag the purchase due to limits set by the banks. If your payment is declined, please contact your bank to check with them first for possible reasons:

  • Not enough funds in the account
  • Maximum daily limit set by the bank for a transaction
  • Default block on international transfers - check with your bank to ensure they allow international transfers with your card.

Your bank requires you to activate 3-D secure, a feature that we support. 3-D secure is an extra layer of security where you are redirected to your bank to submit a personal pin code in order to identify the buyer before the purchase goes through.

If you still can't make the payment please use another card or contact us at


Yachts and Friends do not arrange flights. We recommend you book a flight that lands before 3pm local time in order to get to the marina in time to check in and provision for the week. On your final day, you’ll need to check out of your yacht by 9am, so we recommend booking a departing flight for later that day!

Airport transfers are included in your booking and will be bookable 6 weeks before you set sail. See our FAQs for more information about transfers for your chosen destination.


We recommend that you and all members of your party have comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure. Please make sure you don't travel without adequate insurance!


Click here to see the complete Terms & Conditions before you book.

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