Sailing is for everyone! Our professionally trained skippers will take care of the yacht for you and provide first hand knowledge of our destinations.

First time sailing?

Your experienced skipper is expertly trained so you can relax and enjoy living the yacht life. Want to learn the ropes? They'll be happy to show you the basics as you sail your way through a week of adventure. Not only is your skipper there to guide you through all the amazing experiences in your itinerary, but they're also your new best buddy who knows where all the secret spots are.

All our skippers are provided by our trusted partners at Each has an internationally recognised Skipper licence and has under-gone the best flotilla training in the industry. If you are keen to get your hands dirty our like-minded captains will teach you everything you need to know!

Skipper tightening a rope on the yacht

So, what will a skipper do?

A skipper will...

  • Navigate the boat between destinations
  • Provide knowledge on the local areas
  • Help book restaurants and on-shore activities
  • Clean the exterior of the yacht
  • Keep you safe
  • Sleep on the yacht inside their skipper cabin

A skipper won’t...

  • Clean the interior of the yacht
  • Cook
  • Do the food shopping
  • Put you at risk



with Tim Hassenbuerger, a Yachts and Friends skipper

Where are you from?

I’m from Delbruck in north west Germany, and now live in Munster where I am at university. I joined Yachts and Friends in 2012 and skippered for 10 weeks in Croatia.

When did you start sailing?

I started sailing when I was really young - I sailed dinghies whilst growing up and was introduced to yacht sailing when I was a student at Portsmouth University. I love to spend every minute on the water and enjoy the sailing lifestyle!

Where are your favourite sailing destinations?

Vis in Croatia - it’s good to get there early, go ashore and explore the island by scooter. Then head up to Fort George Croatia for more exploring and finish up with some wine tasting at Lipanovic and an amazing dinner in the town.

What is special about a Yachts and Friends charter?

Customers can choose to have an action-packed time one day, followed by a relaxed day with no planned schedule. The crew are masters of their own holiday. They decide what to do, we make it happen. They don’t need to worry about the small details.

What is your favourite moment on a Yachts and Friends charter?

Leaving Komiza before sunrise and taking my crew to the Blue Caves. Swimming in the caves, where the walls are lit up by a glowing blue light. All of this before breakfast and the day has even begun!

When you’re not sailing, you are...

A student at the University of Maastricht, studying for my masters degree in Marketing and Finance.

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