Stockholm Gashaga marina

Stockholm Gashaga marina in Sweden has 12 yachts available for sailing. Yachts and Friends can you provide you with a great skipper, no skills required for the holiday of your dreams.

3 cabin yachts in Stockholm Gashaga

Allegra Spacious Bavaria 39
Amity Spacious Dufour 405 Grand Large
Cecilia Spacious Bavaria 36
Imagine Spacious Bavaria 42
Jocke Spacious Bavaria 40
La Belle Spacious Bavaria 40
Sol Bavaria 42

4 cabin yachts in Stockholm Gashaga

Illusion Bavaria 46
Matilda Bavaria 46

5 cabin yachts in Stockholm Gashaga

Blue Bavaria 50
Skyfall Bavaria 50
Sno Bavaria 50

Stockholm Gashaga marina location

Stockholm Gashaga marina facilities

Services available at the marina:



Whether you are a first time sailor or have previous yachting experience, a Yachts and Friends holiday suits everyone. For novice sailors, we can provide you with one of our in-house trained skippers. We believe sailing is for everyone!


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