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Split Dalmatia


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Highest: 38 - Lowest: 25

Sailing in Split Dalmatia - Introduction

One of the most popular areas for sailing in Croatia, the region encompasses charming fishing villages, lively towns and secluded bays. From the glamorous energy of Hvar to the rustic charm of Scedro and the city of Split, there is more than enough to satisfy and cater to your every tastes and desires. Along the coast you can find plenty of secluded bays for a short swim or lunch stop, the harbours offer laid moorings and mooring buoys. The marinas are known to have the best facilities in Croatia. The area is ideal for sailing with reliable weather and steady winds.

The most fashionable Adriatic town…

Hvar is an island that breathes eclecticism, by combining taste and style, antiquity and modernity, tradition and culture. With its lavender fields, ancient olive groves, vineyards and lively Hvar Town, Hvar is an absolute must to tick off for travellers exploring the Dalmatian coast. The afternoons are long and the nights even longer for those who wish to partake in Hvar’s energetic nightlife. Upon arrival on your yacht, you will find views of an extensive harbour, dappled with antique architecture and international travellers enjoying the seaside terraces.

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Snorkel the serene Blue Caves...

Situated on the eastern side of Bisevo, the small island to the southwest of Vis, the Blue Caves are a serene and beautiful natural wonder. Accessible by dinghy, there is a small fee for entrance, but the scene inside is well worth the admission price. Between the hours of 11am and 1pm, the whole cave is filled with a glowing blue light, illuminating both the water and the walls. The experience is magical, exhilarating and well worth it!

Explore untouched Vis...

The town of Vis has a long promenade with restaurants offering delicious fresh fish and lobster. Taste real Croatian wine - locals claim it is the best here, so we highly recommend you try the restaurant Kaliopa where you will find a romantic and beautiful garden filled with palm trees and flowers. The island was only opened to tourists in 1994 as it was the old military headquarters. Vis has remained untouched and retained almost all of its varied historical architecture. The island offers many interesting sites - submarine docks, gun towers, and underground tunnels spanning the whole island.

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Set sail from your base marina in Trogir to the port village of Maslinica on the island of Šolta. Known as the ‘Island of Olives’, Šolta produces its very own high-quality cold-pressed olive oil. This magic island is a haven of nature and history. Overlooking a cluster of seven small islands, the port town boasts an 18th-century castle that acts as a centrepiece for this charming village. Watch the sun set behind the scattered islands as you dine onboard with a lavish feast prepared by your chef, then explore the town and join us for drinks at a delightful local bar.


Hoist the sails for a longer day of sailing as you head for the island of Brač and disembark in the beautiful small town of Milna, which the Venetians called Valle di Mille Navi (Bay of a Thousand Ships). Its safe harbour has attracted sailors for centuries and the stone houses along its majestic coastline are masterpieces of Roman architecture. Today, this charming town is best known for its amazing local cuisine (especially seafood!) and incredible waters, ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving.

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Considered the ‘Venice of Croatia’ by some, Vbroska’s single canal winds through the 15th-century buildings, connected by stone bridges. This sleepy fishing village is the perfect place for a romantic stroll through its patchwork of paths leading up the hill to two unique churches. The 15th-century St. Lawrence church is filled with valuable art to marvel at, while the highly unusual Our-Lady-of-Mercy Church-Fortress looks like a castle from the outside. But our favourite spot in Vrboska is the Carić Winery, where you can delight your senses with a special tasting of their unique local wines. Head back to your yacht for a special dinner prepared onboard by your chef, accompanied by your favourite wine from Carić’s collection.


Today we head back to our base marina in Trogir, but the adventure is not over yet! Magnificent Trogir is set within medieval walls on a tiny island that’s linked by bridges to the mainland. This fantastical 13th-century town will leave you love-struck as you get lost in the tiniest streets you’ve ever seen. The wide, palm tree-lined promenade is the perfect place to grab a coffee and watch the sailboats enter the port. At night, the tiny streets light up under old-fashioned street lamps and the little village comes alive. End this incredible journey on a high note with dinner at a Konoba - a traditional family-owned Croatian restaurant.

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Learn to sail while your chef prepares a luxurious brunch as you head towards the island of Vis. At the foot of the highest mountain, you’ll discover a small fishing village that has existed since the 12th century. Today, Komiža is popular among local Croatians for its bohemian, off-the-beaten-path vibes. The narrow back streets are lined with 17th and 18th-century stone houses that twist uphill from the port. Spend the day chilling on the pebble beaches, then feasting on Peka, a must-try local dish of the Dalmatia region.


Head to the other side of the island, taking swim stops on secluded beaches along the way to the main port town of Vis. Jump on scooters and explore the wild nature around this rural island. Discover 16th-century villas, surrounded by lush landscapes brimming with vineyards (you might even spot the one where Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again was filmed in 2018!). Tonight we celebrate with a group dinner at the historical and epic Fort George. Enjoy a feast on us, with plenty of local delicacies prepared just for you.

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Today’s destination is the sunniest place in all of Croatia. Welcome to Hvar, where ancient meets glamorous. Park your sailboat alongside luxury yachts and wander the marble streets of Hvar’s fairytale medieval village. Sit down at a posh restaurant or grab a coffee in the town’s magnificent piazza for some great people watching. Visit the giant fortress that dominates the skyline or climb up the narrow stairs in St. Stephen’s Cathedral bell town for an impressive view of the town. When the sun finally does go down, Hvar’s nightclubs and bars come to life!

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