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Sailing in Thailand - Introduction

Whether you decide to explore the a west or east coast, you will have an opportunity to experience modern-day Thailand’s unique mix of urban and rural traditional environments. Known for its delicious cuisine, spa experiences and white sand beaches, Thailand will let you live a charmed existence in a tropical haven.


Setting off from Pattaya, you will have an excellent opportunity to see how modern and trendy Thailand combines with its tradition and culture through a variety of seafood restaurants, bars, shopping spots, hotels, resorts and golf courses. Astonishing beaches, such as Jomtien Beach, offer windsurfing, jet skiing and parasailing. Further south, towards the Ko Samet, you might explore a variety of national parks, white sandy beaches, coconut palm trees and treat yourself to Thai massages and local food delicacies. Passing through Ko Samet you will find Ko Chang, Thailand’s second largest island and one of 46 national park isles bordering Cambodia. Further south towards the Ko Tao (Turtle Island), you will enjoy an unforgettably beautiful landscape enriched with waterfalls, rocks, jungle vegetation, traditional villages and a unrivalled underwater world!

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Sailing from Ko Phuket, Thailand’s largest island is known for its stunning karst rock formations. Towards the marine national park of Lampi Island you can experience a variety of eco-adventures, including a cruise through the world’s oldest mangrove forest – that’s of course if you do not feel like indulging in a Thai cooking class at Macleod Island. True paradise can be found at Koh Racha Yai, one of Thailand’s loveliest beaches, on Phi Phi Island. If you are striving to experience a tropical adventure, visit Similans islands, which are among the top ten diving and snorkelling spots in the world. Be sure to pass by Mergui Archipelago.

Phuket (base marina)

In the afternoon, check in and enjoy a glass of champagne or a tropical cocktail while you wait for your yacht to go through the final preparations for your trip.

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Ko Yao Yai

After having breakfast on board, enjoy a lavish lunch stop and swim at Chicken Head Island and Ko Hong on the way to Ko Yao Yai, an untouched island in the middle of Phang Nga Bay.

Phi Phi

Head south towards Phi Phi Island, famous for featuring alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie “The Beach”. Take a dip at Pileh Lagoon, nature’s grandest swimming pool, visit the Macaques on Monkey Island and snorkel the transparent waters or rent a kayak. In the evening, explore the vibrant town and treat yourself to some authentic Thai cuisine.

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Koh Lanta

Sail for 4 hours to the lovely Koh Lanta. Don’t miss out on the famous Emerald caves, snorkelling here is sublime, with regular sightings of hawksbill turtles and blacktip reef sharks. In the evening, treat yourself to a fine dining experience at the 5 star Pimalai Resort and Spa.

Krabi & Railay Beach

Sail up north to Krabi and burry your toes in the white sandy beaches. Spectacular caves, breathtaking waterfalls and a 40 million year old fossil beach are waiting to be explored. One of the musts is to visit Railay Bay, accessible only via boat. The typical limestone crags and swaying longtail boats will make you feel like you’re in a postcard.

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Ko Yao Noi

We suggest to sail along the coast direction north, once again you’ll be stunned by the magical views and landscape of this unspoilt island. Feast on deck in one of the numerous, picturesque bays along the way.

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